3 Pilates Moves For Better Abs.



love it!

gemineyye said: Thank you so much you made me feel so much better and more confident. It really means a lot :)

aw i’m glad!! rock on my friend \m/

“(#help) Hello, dear! I'm 63,6 kgs which is a normal weight according to my BMI. I've been working out every single day (1h of bycicle, cardio+strength training, plus I go on walks). I do all of this everyday, but I take one rest day once a week and I've been trying to reduce my calorie intake to about 1200-1500 calories/day since last week. Do you think that it is possible for me to lose 5-8 kgs by the end of September, given that I've (only) lost 2 kgs this month?”


with a regimen like that, one typically loses 1 - 2 lbs (0.5 - 1 kg) per week - which, i know, is unfortunately probably lower than expected. as 3 weeks remain in september, i would estimate you can (reasonably) expect to lose between 1.5 and 3 kg. in addition, even if you feel this is low/are disappointed - i think it’s always good to set your goals LOWER so that if and when you do surpass them, it’s an even greater triumph; and if you don’t, that’s okay (it’s SO IMPORTANT to not set unrealistic goals as doing so leads many to hopelessness/giving up). 

another thing to keep in mind is: since you’re in the ‘normal’ BMI range, you are not going to burn calories as quickly as you had when you weighed more. fact: ‘overweight’ people burn more calories from the same 30 minutes (of the same intensity exercise) than do ‘normal’-weight people. so if you had lost more weight more quickly in the past, that may be why.

“#FitAus Hey Grace! I adore your blog and it's helped me so much lately along my fitness journey. I can never seem to be sure if "exercise" input into calorie calculators means like actual cardio exercise, ab workouts and or weight-training?”


all of the above! i don’t know what specific calorie calculator you’re using, but if it’s determing the calories burned per time of exercise it should also have a way to specify the activity intensity level (e.g. high-energy cardio would be ‘high intensity’, bodyweight exercises like ab workouts would be ‘medium intensity’, and lifting-weights would typically qualify as ‘low intensity’). intensity level just means that, for example, you burn about 5x as many calories running (=cardio) for an hour than you do doing crunches (=strength-training) for an hour. (however, of course, the advantage of weight/strength-training is that it builds muscle; more muscle = greater metabolism = burn fat calories at a quicker rate). anyway, tangent sorry - i hope this helps?? if you direct me to a specific calculator link i may be able to help more, if you still have questions

@gemineyye said: What about just feeling lonely? :( I’m in college and I’m having trouble making friends. People say I have “resting bitch face”, and when they first met me they were afraid of me.. But I’m introverted so it’s hard to be really peppy w/ strangers

it’s okay to feel lonely sometimes. what’s not okay is to think you are alone. we all get lonely sometimes, especially in a new environment - like college - where nobody really knows anybody, and everybody’s so afraid. it’s easy to want to sink into yourself rather than branching out and being the first one to say ‘hello.’ i sunk into that fear for a very long time. i know it takes courage, and it can hard as hell sometimes, but, from a rational perspective - consider: what’s the worst that can happen if you DO make the ‘first move’ in a friendship, versus if you DON’T - and just let the world pass you by, unaffected? affect the world. be brave enough to enter it. you are WORTH entering it! people want to hear what you have to say. it matters to them what you think. it matters what you care about. we don’t exist in a vacuum. human beings are social creatures; and when we try to defy that part of our nature - out of fear, anxiety, restlessness, whatever - we lose something so important that makes us who we are. we have to be willing to stand up and BE that person. i know it isn’t easy. but it’s the hard things that are worth it.

and, your face is beautiful. YOU are beautiful! SHARE THAT BEAUTY

“Hey, first off I'm happy enough the majority of the time with how my body looks but I just can't enjoy food anymore. I count all my calories and if I eat over 900 I just feel super guilty :( I get on well with an instructor at my gym and she was talking to me a few days ago about how I need to eat more because of my new programme with strength training. I really hate feeling like this and was wondering do you think I should talk to her and want should I say? Thank you so much :)”


why are you participating in the strength-training program (rhetorical; asking for you, not for me-)? if it is to build muscle, you should be aware that eating below your BMR (900 is below anyone’s BMR) will have your body under-energized and so, you know what it does to get that energy it needs? it consumes the muscle first. if you eat too little, you’ll be losing the exact muscle you’re trying to gain. i would suggest calculating your BMR from the link above. 

if you feel so guilty when you eat over x calories, i want you to think about why that is. where does that guilt stem from? why is it BAD for you to eat what you perceive - by a number - to be ‘too much’? does that make you a bad person? what values matter to you, in a person? weigh vanity to health. consider society’s sexist urge for women to constantly be small, small, small, take up less ‘space’. consider THAT as what is oppressing you - not yourself. do not feel guilty for yourself. feel angry for the world. DO something about it - by doing what they don’t want you to do: loving yourself. at any number, any size, any intake. i know this all may sound mega corny and lame, but i think these are some important questions worth thinking about. this isn’t an issue where you should be eating that low because of health and your instructor doesn’t understand. this is an issue where you’re told - by society? your values? yourself? what matters to you? (only you know) - that you should shrink. i plead with you, please: do not let yourself disappear.

“Grace. I need encouragement. I feel so low. What do you do to feel better?”


if it’s any consolation - i’m still figuring it out, too.

  1. i like to listen to peaceful music. bon iver and youth lagoon calm me down.
  2. for me it’s important to remember to keep looking UP. not metaphorically. physically, look up. sit outside and dig your toes into the dew-soaked grass, the dirt of the earth and look up at the world. the horizon is bigger than you can imagine. think about all the people in all the lands - people who sew, paint, write, love - looking up at that same sky: that same moon, that same sun, the same moment - with you. remember THE world is bigger than YOUR world, and you are a part of it!! you matter, and opportunity abounds. so much exists out there. waiting for you. (don’t hold yourself back.)
  3. as one may expect, coming from a fitness blog - going on a gentle jog helps me to feel a little better too. especially if my negative feeling is anger (self-hate included). it helps to vent it out through propelling your body forward, forward, forward,…keep moving forward. literally.
  4. if this is a spell lasting a few days/weeks, make sure to get all your vitamins and nutrients. (again, maybe cliche coming from a blog like mine) but research has shown time & time again how much a healthy diet - NOT one of fatty/high-oil, high-salt, high-sugar foods - can energize you. sluggish foods will contribute to your sluggishness. i know - believe me, i know - the temptation to dig into foods that are shit when you feel like shit is strong. rise above it. realize that, in order to help yourself in the future, you have to start by helping yourself now.

i hope maybe something here resonates for you. friends reading this, what do YOU do to feel better? 

“Thank you so much for the advice, I will do the Brazillian butt workout. Just some questions : it says "do this 3x through for an awesome butt workout" so does that mean I should do it 3x a day or 3x a week?And what about rest days?”



always allow yourself rest days (they’re so important)! i would recommend 1-2 rest days a week (3 for beginners) - or, really, whatever is most comfortable for you. pushing and challenging yourself is good, but with that comes the responsibility to love yourself enough to know when to stop.


9 moves to better butt. Do each one for 30-60 seconds. 

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