“I'm interesting in getting started running, but I suck at it. I'm so out of shape that any time I run, I can't go far...or I start off too hard and then can barely get home. Help?”


Ah yes, the common problem of beginning runners- you start off going way too hard and then can’t finish strong. I think that’s probably the reason for why you “can’t go far” 90% of the time. If you’re out of shape at the moment, then don’t start off going big distances. Start off with something simple: 1 or 2 miles, maybe 3, but don’t push it. And jog it, don’t run it. Jog until you’re about 400m (the length of a track, for measure-) from your house; then and only then should you start running the rest of the way home. Repeat this strategy on a daily basis until you become more in-shape. When you feel like you’re abler, you should start the running further back — 600m from your house, 800m from your house, the entire last mile… whatever you’re comfortable with. But just make sure to always start off by jogging. That way, you won’t tire yourself out before you finish!

Best wishes!<3

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  1. kingdomofalexandra said: If she’s REALLY terrible, she should try Couch to 5K!
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