“I work full-time and honestly it's hard to work out daily like I use to... and I'm trying to diet the best i can. What's a good at home work out? tag: mewmew”


Working out at home can be just as easy as working out at the gym. Here are some resources to check out:

  1. Using everyday household items as gym equipment
  2. Some at-home exercises you can do anywhere
  3. Some bodyweight exercises you can practice at home, for strength-training

Some full-length, at-home workouts include:

  1. All these tumblr workouts (most of the GIFsets have corresponding youtube links below); more here
  2. Full-length workout videos (tell you the calories burned, etc.) for exercising specific areas at Exercise.com/Routines
  3. A similar set of workout videos from FitnessBlender
  4. Muscle-building exercises, for toning specific areas at BodyBuilder
  5. A similar set of strength-training exercises from Divine
  6. High-intensity (HIIT) workouts from the Insanity program (scroll down below the pic)
  7. Lower-intensity workouts from the 30-Day Shred program 
  8. Full-length pilates workouts at POP Pilates youtube
  9. A similar set of pilates-related youtube videos from ToneItUp

I’m sure there are more links out there, but those are all the ones I’ve got bookmarked haha. Enjoy!

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