Make Smart Swaps

It’s time to ditch some unhealthy habits and embrace some much more positive changes. If you are in need of a little inspiration, we have come up with a smart swap list to make your journey that little bit easier. Remember, start small and dedicate yourself to that one thing!

Additional Tips for Healthy Change:

  1. For one day – every time you see you reflection verbally acknowledge how wonderful and beautiful you are - "I am beautiful inside and out!"
  2. When you’re feeling overwhelmed distract your focus from yourself and do something for someone else.
  3. Try to run or exercise without headphones - rely on mother nature and your senses for distraction.
  4. Learn an inspiring quote by heart.
  5. Try a raw food recipe - this one is pretty delish.
  6. Replace sugar desserts for more inventive, raw sugar-free ones.
  7. Start your day by focusing and re-motivating yourself by writing down your passions, dreams, and goals over breakfast – COPY THEM and place them around your home to remember.
  8. Have a random act of kindness day – spread the love!
  9. Have a chew slow day!
  10. No matter what happens today: Be kind. Be patient. Be humble.


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